Lexi Rankin with Rank Equine Ranch

Lexi Rankin is the owner and operator of Rank Equine. She is a barrel racing champion and wears the buckle proudly. Lexi qualified for the BBR World Finals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021. Lexi also competes in UPRA rodeos. This is RRRFlingMeADream and he is extremely fast and talented. Lexi recently got to run against the 15x NFR qualifier, Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, on the final day in the final 15 on national television in Eastland, Texas on May 7th, 2021 at the UPRA Rodeo. Very often, Lexi competes against several NFR girls to keep her skills always growing and improving.

At Rank Equine, we provide a facility and environment for you to come and ride or train with your horses. We know that the more time you spend with your horses the better the relationship will be. This will then transfer to effective results with your horses. While you are doing all of this, you will grow in confidence with your horse. 

 We breed high quality performance horses and also train them. We offer boarding for you at Rank Equine. You can do self care and have 24/7 access to your horses. Or, you can do full care where we take care of your horses for you. I am sure we can offer you some type of hybrid of care to fit your needs. Just discuss these needs with us and we are happy to help.


We will do our best to update the website as the progress happens at the ranch. Once close friend recently visited the ranch and had this to say. “You have a lifetime of work ahead of you on this ranch”. He was exactly correct. We will be working on this land with passion and dedication for the rest of our lives. What an exciting thing to be a part of. We hope to share it with a lot of people. Whether you are just starting out with a brand new horse, or you need a place to keep lots of horses, we strive to be that place for you.

We put together this short video to show the property that will become Rank Equine Ranch. I watched and supported a friend that can really play the guitar and sing. The music in the video is him. We all have our heroes and sometimes we get to be a part of what makes them great. He provides an excellent example of chasing dreams.

Rank Equine Flyover Video