On Saturday July 23, 2022 the 2022 WWP Barrel Race and Breeders Challenge Ardmore Oklahoma was held at Hardy Murphy Coliseum. Blazing days of heat made for a great event at this indoor and air conditioned arena. Our Lexi Rankin came out on fire and ran a personal best 15.882 on Rocky. Lexi has been putting in the hard work early in the mornings at dark thirty while the heat is low. This journey started with quality breeding, patient training, and a heart full of passion and love for this special horse.

Lexi is from Fort Worth, Texas where she grew up in the far north part of the city. An achiever from an early age, Lexi continues to drive toward greatness. Riding a tight pattern while going as fast as she can keep control provides an adrenaline rush like no other. It is the place where hard work and training are allowed to shine in the middle of the arena on this given day. We are so proud of Lexi and all she has achieved and battled through. The journey is full of great stories and some great experiences along the way. Lexi has kicked off the next part of her journey with Rank Equine. Rank Equine is a new project at the beginning stages of creating a place where quality and excellence will create performance horses that will surely “Rank” in the arenas and performances of competition. Be sure to follow the story of Rank Equine and find out how you can take part in our breeding, boarding, and training programs.